Republicans Voters (are incredibly fucking stupid.)

I have decided that 99% of you are actually suffering from a disability, commonly referred to as retardation. Likely it is a result of religion preventing your brain from growing properly.

I bet you are wondering why the other 1% are voting republican. I’ll tell you.

The other tiny fraction of you that aren’t retards, are rich scumbag fucktards, who care nothing for human life. These depraved individuals measure humans against money, and they choose money every single time. They don’t give a fuck about the country. They simply found a way to buy stupid republican politicians, bend legislation, and make off with billions.

These fucking republicans want to eat you, and they want to eat your children. That’s a fact.

The dumb-dumb voters are so retarded that they will come in droves to vote on nothing more than some bull-shit special interest group like abortion or gay marriage. What the hell is wrong with you?

These issues have nothing to fucking do with it. What the fuck?  Is our education system that awful? That you somehow concluded that republican would be the choice?  Damn. maybe we should invest more in education. Oh wait we cant. Because the rich want you to be dumb.  Its easier to control you. You cant see through their tiny veil of shit because you are so fucking dumb you are licking it up.  Just licking up shit. That is how dumb you are.

The republican politicians don’t fucking care about your dumbass abortion. They dont give a fuck about contraceptives.  They care about getting virgin pussy themselves! That, and texas style cocaine.

Folks it is because they want to secure every last dollar you have. The republicans have strangled you retards with these bull shit special interests. They did this TO GET YOUR VOTE AND MONEY.

You think your vote somehow has the power to control another human beings body? You are fucking retarded. We have a constitution dumbass. That vote is going to a man who doesn’t give a fuck about your hideous little baby fetus, heart pumping and all. He would probably squeeze the fetus dead in his own hand if it meant a new summer home on jersey shore.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Abortion has nothing to do with you. Is it your religion that makes you think this? You think the eye in the sky is watching and has weighed in on abortion?

God specifically wants you to go to the voting booth and vote red?  That the BIBLE tells you somehow that life starts at conception? Guess what? It DOESN’T. The bible doesn’t comment on this. The closest it gets, depending on how you want to interpret that load of shit,  is that life begins with the first breath.  So there you sit. Up shit-creek without a paddle.

Gay marriage? What the hell? Voting republican because of gay marriage can only mean that you are a fag. Who gives a fuck what they do? If you are worried about the ass fucking then let me be the first to tell you that they are doing it already. The vows are nothing to you.  They mean something to them, not to you. That is the fucking point.

I’m straight and it seems to me that if they get hitched, then they are basically out of the dating scene, far from hitting on me in some horribly awkward misunderstanding.  And so im going to go hit on this girl now.  You are STUPID. Why the fuck do you think you have to interfere with love? You just want to squash beauty?

Ohhhh. I think I know. Its that bible again. Are you seriously so infused with religious opium that you are going to vote on this single issue. Yes. You probably are, you stupid religious fucktard (see religion). These gay guys have nothing to do with you. What makes you so opposed? If you want to get religious then let me say this: LET YOUR CRUEL FICTITIOUS GOD HANDLE IT.

God is telling you to vote republican because some gay dudes are getting married and guess where that vote is going? FUCKING NOWHERE. You just elected a guy who doesnt give a fuck about your little god, whispering into your little dumbfuck brain.