Religion is a pile of shit. Let me elaborate. It is a stinking pile. Piss me off so much. FUCK YOU RELIGIOUS FUCKS.

You would have to be a total nimrod to actually believe in this stuff. GOD? Seriously?

People have been believing in this crap like its for real real. It makes me sick to my fucking stomach. Who the fuck are you?

You just picked a religion? You grew up religious? What the hell?

How does that make any fucking sense? You cant choose these things like Pokemon’s. I choose you! Allah! Fucking retards. IT WAS YOUR PARENTS! You fucking retard.

OBVIOUSLY, if you are born in Afghanistan, you are probably not going to be Mormon.

Are you seriously thinking that a baptist means something? That being a fucking baptist will get you on the right side with the invisible man in the sky? You think you can choose Baptist over Presbyterian or the sun god Ra over new age Islam? Hello! IDIOT? How the fuck does that make any sense? What the hell evidence do you have for your god?

I’ll tell you exactly how much evidence you have. None. The same amount they all have. Yet somehow you chose yours over theirs. You stupid fucker.

Can you for one second just put yourself in the other guys shoes? You think you can psychoanalyze GOD? You stupid fuck. ITS YOU.

If you think you have a relationship with god you are insane. You have lost your mind and are displaying symptoms of schizophrenia.

The Bible? Really? Some stupid fucking book that is obviously outdated. The origins have been exhaustively looked at, and guess what? Results are in. Results have been in. Surprise! ITS BULLSHIT! The book wasn’t even written when Jesus was around.

The evidence isn’t there folks.

Looks like the dumbass book has been rewritten a billion times. Looks like it is a collaboration of many stories. Looks like it traces back to religions and mythologies from before Jesus time. Are you stupid? Please stop showing me the bible like its some piece of evidence. It is more annoying than a piece of shit in my hand. I can flush a turd down the toilet. The bible is just a nuisance. If you believe in any of it, you are dumb. Brainwashed. You are a stupid brainwashed fuck. So WAKE UP! FACE REALITY.

Don’t you realize that for thousands of years, stupid fucks exactly like you, have been sitting around questioning “OHHH WHY ARE WE HERE!??”. Are you seriously going to stand here and argue your religion? Seriously? Against this gigantic mountain of scientific evidence?

Its SCIENCE. You stupid fuck. Science.

Science is NOT some fairy tale. It IS NOT ghosts or Santa or Jesus or Muhammad. It IS NOT a guessing game, it isn’t even psychokinesis. Grow the fuck up and take it in the gut. There are NO SUCH THING. Accept the fucking truth for once. Stare at it. There aren’t any gaps or mistakes. Scientists arent high on drugs guessing about shit. They do fucking experiments. Fucking peer reviewing and shit.

It stands up to scrutiny. It stands up to skepticism. Guess what doesnt? Your stupid fucking god doesnt.

Its the same science that brought you iphones and tvs and radios and dishwashers and lights. FUCKING ELECTRICITY. You are going to take some religion and act like “Oh my god is the right god”.

You stupid fuck.

Millions of people have fought wars and died over countless gods that you haven’t even heard of. People just like you.

Putting their whole body and heart into that bull. The prayed and they cried and they did chants and all that bull shit and they died. AND GUESS WHAT!?

Nobody gives a fuck about their god anymore.

You really think your god gives a fuck? He cares more about you or the bullshit you do? Fuck you.

What happens to all the people that don’t believe in your god?

The great majority believe in some other bull shit. So what is your version? He put all of them in hell? What? They didn’t worship him so what? Are they burning forever in some pit of fire? HELL? Really? You fucking retard.

Oh they didnt go to hell? Your god is nice and caring? What the Fuck? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?

It is beyond me how we live in 2012 and people still choose one over another like they know shit.

You say

“oh well my god given morals are so great. Uggghhhh. Look at you enragedlion, ranting like a lunatic, cursing and destroying the minds of the youth. My morals are so great, ohhh. Uhhh.”

Fucking jerk off. FUCK YOU.

Morals come from society you stupid fuck. It is simple society. I know its wrong because I see that it is wrong. YOU take the morals we learn from the society. YOU claim them in your book of lies (aka the bible). YOU distort the morals. YOU taint the morals. NOW, the pre-teens are fucking without birth control, and the kids are being sent to Afghanistan.

Here is the worst most scary and disgusting thing about it all:

They are so ignorant they are taking over. They procreate like rabbits. Those little fuckers. They probably fuck rabbits.

Make me so mad. A sane, rational mind is basically an extreme fringe.

You religious get all frenzied, as if a different religion is a surprise. Yup. Still.

2012 and you stupid fucking monkeys haven’t learned to stop killing each other over a retarded pile of shit.

10 responses to “Religion

  1. @angrylion – I get your frustration. We atheists are often misunderstood. Are you out of the closet and have been harrassed? Or are you in the closet and fearful of being harrassed? Just curious. I’m only partially out of the closet myself.

    • I have been atheist for over a decade now. I was once quiet about it. I would pray and shit when obliged, simply out of social convenience. I cannot say I am harassed any more now that I am vocal. The religious are the folks with the dark and evil baggage.
      I am not fearful for myself. Nobody religious can hurt my sound mind. The fact that they are religious automatically shows their weakness. They have little to no intelligence. If they hurt me physically, they ruin themselves and their ideal. The fact you have to refer to the metaphorical “closet” is a sign of how pathetically unintelligent a theist can be. Be proud! You are intelligent and rational!
      Religion is a waste and should be deconstructed as much as possible. Therefore I am outspoken about atheism. Attack those religious fuckers from all sides, that’s what I say! They are actively engaged in destroying youthful minds. Fuck em.
      Stay strong.

  2. @abdjkrwhateverthefuck

    Anyone who thinks they can achieve truth from having faith is blind, dumb, and DANGEROUS. They need an old-fashioned case of shut up, sit down, and listen. WAKE UP DUMBASS!!!

    These “devoted to truth” bull-shit fucks are brainwashed zombies hell-bent on consuming the brains of your innocent children. How the fuck can you learn anything by studying some shit you made up? What the fuck are you talking about? Truth from faith? What the fuck!? Are you stupid?
    Faith is Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof
    No proof. That would be the key part. None. Not a shred. Nothing that puts it out over any other religion. Nothing. All those sincerely religious people devoted to “truth” are fucking stupid. They can either wise up and learn something or remain with a distorted image of “truth,” eventually getting it so confused with their version of a fucked up fantasy “GOD,” they go get some weapon or some innocent kid and they cause pain.

    Truth from faith. You have got to be kidding me.

  3. I would encourage you, before you continue on rants like this to do some research as far as racist propagand, such as those used by the Nazi’s.
    You define yourself as an atheist. The word itself means Non-theist. It denotes what you are against, what you are lacking, or what you are not. When you define yourself in regards to what you are not, instead of what you are, your life will be lived accordingly. The anger you show in your writing shows that you are an angry person. Can you really live like this?

    • Thank you for your incredibly dumb advice.
      Anger is at the core of a good rant.  Ranting is what I am here to do. Did you get the memo about how I am ranting over here?
      Hell yes I have reason to be angry at religious institutions!
      Who the fuck are you? Telling me shit like, I am “defining myself by what I am not”. Im atheist yes. I said that. But you don’t know me. Stating that I’m atheist does not define me. YOU are the one who defined me.
      I would like to think of myself as a HUMAN, a man of many descriptions. Mainly, I am badass gangsta. Yes, the term atheist happens to define me well in ONE particular way, but to say that ALL I am is atheist? I never said that. 
      Yes I can, and yes I will continue to Rant. Whenever I so please.  Im even liable to go on a rant about you!
      You have doubts about my research? Im fucking ranting. Dumbass. Rants don’t usually cite research. And my citation would look something like this:
      My fucking Brain, Bitch!

  4. This was soo incredible to read. I too was once part of a religion, and after a few years I came to realise, what the fuck was the point, of me praying and going to the temple. My life isn’t getting any better… So I said goodbye to it. Full stop.

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